At Fly & Field we pride ourselves on bringing you hard to find, quality flyfishing and fly tying equipment.  Over the years we have been able to develop relationships with individuals from across the country and around the world.  Here are some products from an innovative craftsman.

  Lawrence A. Waldron has a reputation of innovation in the world of flyfishing.  His dedication to creating beautiful, fully functional equipment has redefined the term ‘premium equipment’.  Follow this link to learn more about what makes Lawrence such an accomplished craftsman.

  LAW products are innovative and functional, uniquely machined the finest materials with pains taking precision.  These products are the pinnacle of fly fishing and fly tying equipment.  Click here to see the full line of LAW products.

  Testimonials are quite easy to come by when you make unique, functional equipment.   Follow this link to read what professional and world famous tiers such as Oliver Edwards, Jeff ‘Bear’ Andrews, and Marvin Nolte have to say about LAW products.

  If you would like more Information about purchasing LAW products follow this link.

LAW Bench Vise

LAW reels

LAW Streamside Vise

LAW Streamside Vise