Tyer Bench

Here as in our catalog we are featuring hard to find and unique products. We want you to know that we carry virtually every product you would want related to fly tying: threads, tinsels, hooks, feathers, chenilles, etc. There are products in these pages you might not have seen before and if our descriptions don’t answer your questions, give us a call at our toll free number 1-800-328-9753 and we will be more than happy to explain their uses and advantages in detail.


Tips & Tricks


Be sure to check out our Tyer’s Bench “Tips & Tricks” area for some tidbits of wisdom on the art of tying and don’t miss the many fly recipes and articles by Dave Whitlock and Davy Wotton in the Experts Zone.

Whether you’ve been tying for years or just getting started, our fine quality tools and materials will make your fly tying enjoyable. Our videos cover topics from the beginner level to advanced fly tying.