Fishing Gear, Equipment, Supplies, and Fishing Tackle

Fishing is one of the most extreme sports in the world. On one side, fishing is quiet and peaceful. On the other side it is a very competitive sport that demands attention to detail. Whatever the reason people fish, the one thing they all have in common is fishing equipment. Whether fishing is for sport or to bring home the next meal a fisherman has to have the right equipment.

A true fisherman will have his own personal fishing rod and fishing gear that has been hand selected for the conditions that he is fishing in. Suppose the fisherman has decided to fish the surf from a beach, he will most likely have a surf rod and all the gear that he needs to catch fish. Another day he may want to try his hand at fly fishing, in this situation he will have a fly fishing rod and gear tailored for fly fishing.

When a fisherman is in need of certain gear he must find an outfitter that carries what he is looking for. An outfitter is a store or fishing tackle shop that specializes in various types of fishing supplies. They will stock everything from fishing poles to different types of bait. There are two types of outfitters from which fisherman can choose from. The first type is chain type. This kind of outfitter is usually larger than the second kind of outfitter. They are more likely to carry the type of gear fisherman need for any type of fishing. The second type of outfitter is the local store. The local store is usually a store that is located right by the fishing spot or campground. They will specialize in gear and tackle that is used for the local fishing spot.

When choosing what kind of gear is best it isimportant to consider several factors. The first thing to consider is the fishing conditions. Is the weather going to be hot? Will it be raining? Depending on conditions certain tackle and bait must be used. Another area of consideration is type of fishing that is being pursued. If a fisherman is saltwater fishing he must have gear for saltwater fishing. One last thing to consider is the time of day that the fishing adventure is taking place. At night things are harder to see so gear must be selected for night fishing in order to catch any kind of fish.