Why Is Pike Fishing Popular

Northern pike fishing is very popular due to various reasons. Fishing for northern pikes provides a wonderful experience when compared to other types. There are some special spots where you can find the fish easily and they are relatively easy to catch as well. It is usually found in cold water. During winter you can find them in shallow water where it is colder and during summer they move deeper to the warmer areas. If you choose a particular season you have to first evaluate the climate and do some research about how the weather was for the past one week.Catching this fish can be really successful if you use the right kind of equipment and choose the right areas according to the climatic conditions. It bites anything that keeps moving in the water. So you should remember to keep your bait moving. The fish itself stays motionless for a long time. But when it finds something moving it gets ready to pounce on it. So be ready always so that you can quickly reel in as soon as the fish takes the bite. Always remember to use a stronger line. The weight depends on the type of material used. It has to be 15 pounds if the fiber is nylon monofilament and about 30 pounds if the material is a braided line.If you are fly fishing for pike then it is relatively easy to catch this fish. The popular belief is that you do not have to be an expert for pike fly fishing. You should just be aware of the feeding habits and the behavior to catch them easily. They are usually found in reservoirs, lakes and in certain river systems also. The flies are readily available in the market and they come in a variety of styles and colors. You can use a topwater popper fly for fooling it. This fly moves with a pop sound attracting the pike immediately. The best time is the spring because you can find a lot of pike migrating to the shallow water. By following these tips you can enjoy your northern pike fishing to a great extent.