The Tools of the Trade for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a sport that uses specialized equipment and requires vast knowledge of fish species and the traits that are unique to each. The most important piece of equipment in fly fishing is your fly lures. Using the right type of fly lure can mean  the difference in having a successful fishing outing and coming back empty handed. Using the right tools and materials can give you fly lures that will catch a winner every time.

Many times, the flies that are used are hand tied. Hand tying flies is a craft that takes many hours of practice and learning what attracts the specific type of fish you are after. It is also possible to buy specialty flies with a variety of attachments for attracting fish, in all different environments and water types.

Many fly fishers enjoy tying their own flies. They usually use patterns in books, follow a natural insect example, or use their own imagination. The technique of making fly lures involves attaching varying sizes of fly tying supplies, such as feathers, fur, nylon and assorted other fly tying materials to a hook to make it attractive to the target species of fish. They are made by wrapping thread in a design, around the hook and then attaching and tying on the materials that are desirable to the fish.

In the past, flies were made from all natural materials, such as feathers, fur and hair. Now fly lures often include artificial material into the construction process. Flys are made in an “imitations” or “attractors”pattern. The Imitations are made to deceive the fish into thinking that it is something that they would normally eat anyway. Through using a life-like imitation of the insects and small animals that the fish would eat in nature, the fly lures them in to attacking it. Attractors don’t necessarily look like a food that the fish would eat, but uses colors and other flashy items to get the fish to strike before it really thinks about what it is doing.

There are many types of lures for the fly fishing enthusiast to make and enjoy. The different types are used depending on the species of fish you are after and the water they are in. Using the proper fly tying tools to attach the right material to the hook, will help to ensure a successful fishing expedition