Synthetic Living Fiber

Here’s what the pros are saying about SLF:  

“Davy Wotton is a most uniquely skilled fly tyer and flyfisher. Hisflyfishing skills have led him to develop a wonderful new material called SLF. It may be used for precisely imitating all types of insects, bait fish patterns, and a host of other new innovations.”

— Dave Whitlock

“With his SLF line of dubbing materials Davy Wotton has established a newstandard against which all other dubbings will be measured. No other producthas the brilliance of color and the translucency, nor the versatility of thesesynthetic blends.”

— Dick Stewart

“I’ve wished for years for a material that could replace seals fur. And now Ihave it in SLF. It’s an amazing fiber that’s actually better than seals fur.Better in fact than any dubbing of this type I have ever used. It’s changedthe way I design flies and its made the catching easier and more fun. Don’t bewithout it!!”

— Gary Borger

“SLF is without doubt one of the finest dubbings that has ever been made. It isreally great for Salmon and Steelhead patterns, caddis, dry fly and all thatyou would wish for. There is none better on the market.”

— Poul Jorgenson

For complete listings of all the SLF types available w/ prices use the links below. You may want to print out these pages for quick reference when ordering. There are a few product shots included in these pages, but to get a real appreciation of these materials, and many more of the premium quality tying materials we stock, take a look at our online catalogor call us at 1 (800) 328-9753. It’s full of beautiful full-color photos of all our most unique tying products, and some of our customers tell us they keep it in mint condition just because of the pix of Davy Wotton’s flies!