Salt Water Fishing is Off The Hook!

Have you just moved near the coast, or simply always had an interest in saltwater fishing? Warning: it’s addictive. Saltwater fishermen will tell you they live and die for the sport, whether it is surf salt water fishing, catching fish from a pier, or fishing out at sea in the beautiful blue saltwater that just gets into your blood, there is much to learn to make saltwater fishing.

Saltwater fishing on the east coast in Florida in the spring you can catch Bluefish, Flounder, and Redfish. Don’t be surprised if you hook a Stingray or baby Hammerhead – just toss them back.

West coast surf fishing can yield some tasty Nightfish. They can be found when the moon is full. Dayfish roll in with the high tide. Both are caught with cast nets.

Pier fishing in salt water can be exciting. No matter where you are, it’s often no more than a few bucks (and a fishing license for that state), you can catch the big ones without ever embarking on a boat. Plus, you can eat, drink, and brag about “the one that got away.”

According to “Pier fisherman have many advantages the boaters don’t have, we are usually up quite high, so with the proper polarized glasses you can see fish from great distances, there is not an opportunity to get sea sick and we don’t have to spend 200 hundred dollars in gas chasing bait because the majority of the time it is right under us.”

Remember, you can always charter a saltwater fishing tour, with a guide who’ll escort you to the hot spots. You shouldn’t go far out to sea without first having fished few charters with fishermen (or women!) who are experienced. You can encounter danger with weather, types of fish who may be difficult to unhook, etc. Never go out alone on a boat.

What did you just catch? Troll on over to Salt Water Sportsman’s Fish Finder and find out!

Now, go fish! Cast out your line and see what bites! Get addicted!