Hare’s Lug (or March Brown Spider)

Davy Wotton’s
Hare’s Lug (or March Brown Spider)

(Finished fly pictured below.)

Hook: Short shank wet fly hook

Rib: Yellow silk or gold oval tinsel.

Body: Hare from root of Hare’s ear: (See Hare’s Mask article)

Hackle: Brown partridge from the back area between the wing joints.STEPS

  1. Start your thread behind the eye and wind to the point. Tie in the tinsel under the shank at that point and wind your thread to the barb.
  2. Apply hair from hare’s ear to the thread and wind forward. Wind the ribbing through the body up to the head, tie off and trim.
  3. Tie in Partridge feather tip first and wind three or four turns. Tie off feather, trim excess and whip finish.

Click on the Hare’s Lug above to see three stages in the creation
of this fly, tied by Davy Wotton. (Images app. 20k each.)