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Design Considerations

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We have tried to balance out the download time vs. site appearance issue asbest we can. Most pages or choices are never more than 40 to 45k keepingthe average 28.8 speed modem user in mind. If you plan on revisiting usoften remember that your cache (if you don’t clear it) will speed things upconsiderably on subsequent “floats.”
Optimum Viewing Tips

* The site was designed with the proportional font set at 14pt (see yourOptions> Preferences> Fonts and Color> Use the proportional fontarea to set this). A Palatino or Times Roman font works well but you willneed to experiment with your own system’s fonts.

* Turn off your “Directory Buttons” and/or make your “Tool Bar” text onlyto allow for more viewing room on your screen (this is especially true onthe PC side of things).

* Uncheck your “underline links” box under your Options>Preferences> Windows and Link Styles menu. It looks a heck of a lotbetter.Viewing Problems

* The photos look like mush!

Make sure you have your monitor/system setto 256 colors. If you are cruising in monochrome or 16 colors/greys thereisn’t a whole lot we can do for you.

* These things won’t fit in my window!

The site was designed with a standard 14″ monitor in mind. See the tips above in “Optimum Viewing Tips.”