Feathers and Skins

Feathers and Skins
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British hackles hand graded and selected by Davy Wotton

Soft hackle patterns are well favored by many fly fishers over theworld, and many of the traditional patterns and materials for tying thesepatterns from Britain are sought after. At Fly & Field we are able tooffer you a select range of the correct hackles from British birdshand selected and graded by Davy Wotton himself.

The following all have 20 feathers per pack 4.50

BP- English brown partridge

EGP- English gray partridge

G- Golden Plover

J- Jackdaw

GP- Grouse poult

RG- Red grouse

JW- Jay wing hackle

M- Moorhen

CT- Coot

SP- Snipe

SH- Shepsters

MW- Monarch Woodcock

WB- Woodcock Breast

MP- Melanistic Pheasant neck

Hand selected and graded dyed ENGLISH
Brown Partridge skins
 (Image app. 50k)

English Brown Partridge provides a wide variance of feathers suited formany patterns as legs and wound hackles. These are the best dyed partridgeskins we have ever seen. Limited Supply!!

Dyed partridge skins 7 colors 44.00

PS1 Light Olive

PS2 Dark Olive

PS3 Brown Olive

PS4 Ginger

PS5 Cinnamon

PS6 Golden Olive

PS7 Natural

Goose Shoulders

For the marrying of salmon fly wings Davy has dyed hand selected and dyed Gooseshoulder feathers in a set with all the colors required for traditionalpatterns.

GSS- Goose Shoulder Set Of 7 Colors 28.00

JC- Jungle Cock Neck 125.00

GC- Extra select golden Pheasant crest 7.95

AN- Lady Amherst Neck 13.95

Arctic fox

This is fast becoming a very popular long fibred hair for salmon andSteelhead hair winged flies.

Arctic fox tail piece 8 Colors 7.95

AP1 Red

AP2 Orange

AP3 Yellow

AP4 Blue

AP5 Brown

AP6 Green

AP7 Black

AP8 Purple

Mole skins

Mole fur is a very fine silky texture ideal for nymph patterns.

Mole Skins 4 Colors 3.95

MS1 Natural Dun

MS2 Black

MS3 Olive

MS4 Brown

English wild Rabbit

Used as a dubbing for dry fly patterns as the Gray Duster and nymphpatterns. The under fur is a smoky blue dun with the longer guard hairs of alight tan to gingery shade.

DWR- Wild Rabbit skin patch 1.75

WRH- Whole hides 7.50

HM- Top Grade English Hares Mask 6.95

Dyed English hare patch 3.95

HP1- Hare patch Yellow

HP2- Hare patch Dark Olive

HP3- Hare Patch Brown

HP4- Hare Patch Light Olive

Kid Goat Hair 3.95 ea.
Image app. 32k

KD1- Purple

KD2- Yellow

KD3- White

KD4- Chartreuse

KD5- Black

KD6- Orange

KD7- Fuccia

KD8- Red