Dave Whitlock’s Ultra Suede Crayfish

Dave Whitlock’s Ultra Suede Crayfish
(Finished fly pictured below.)

HOOK: Tiemco 3xl
EYES: Black or dark brown nylon.
CEMENT: Mono Eyes
WEIGHT: Lead Eyes and .20 on body
ANTENNAE & HEAD: Hackle Stem and Hackle Fibers
BODY: Dubbing or Yarn, Sparkle chenille and Sparkle Flake rubber legs
RIBBING: Copper wire or Mono
SHELL BACK: Ultra Suede or Leather

  1. Outline and cut body shape and claws for the crayfish pattern. Size willvary with what hook you use.
  2. Tie in the lead eyes behind the eye on top of the shank and hackle fibers at the bend.
  3. Attach mono eyes above the point of the hook and tie in the hackle stems for antennae. Wrap lead on the shank and start dubbing or applying yarn from the lead eye back to the beard.
  4. Dub around the eyes leaving the pupils out.
  5. Turn your hook upside down in the vise and tie in 3 or 4 strands of speckle flaked rubber legs and dub to the midpoint of the hook.
  6. Apply some Zap a Gap and attach the claws. Tie down the edge of the Ultra Suede and then tie in a piece of copper wire.
  7. Dub or wrap chenille on the rest of the shank then remove hook from vise and pass the point of the hook through the head end of the body piece of ultra suede.
  8. Make a hole in the tail end of the suede and slip it over the eye. Wind the copper wire forward and figure 8 around the eyes, tie off and Zap a Gap the leather around the eyes. Apply color on the suede with markers.