Dave Whitlock

Dave Whitlock is a native Oklahoman now living beside the White River in theBeautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwestern Arkansas. Twenty-five years agohe resigned his position as a research chemist and pooled his talents inpainting, illustrating, writing, photography, flyfishing and lecturing toembark on a new career as a full time professional in the arts offlyfishing. All his works, especially his art, reflect the realism ofnature and related flyfishing subjects through the eyes of the sportsman.

Dave regularly contributes his art and writing on flyfishing to manypublications such as Fly Fisherman Magazine, American Angler, Trout,In-Fisherman and Field & Stream.

Dave Whitlock’s Guide to Aquatic Trout foods, the L.L.Bean Flyfishing Handbook, the L.L.Bean Bass Flyfishing Handbook and Imitating and Fishing Natural Fish Foods for Lefty’s Little Library are four books that he has written and illustrated.

Dave has also co-authored or contributed to many books, including The Flytyers Almanac, Second Flytyers Almanac, Art Flick’s Master Flytying Guide, McClane’s Fishing Encyclopedia, Migel’s Stream Conservation Book andMasters on the Nymph and others. He has illustrated over 20 books includingSteve Raymond’s Year of the Angler and Year of the Trout plus PresidentCarter’s Outdoor Journal. Dave also demonstrates his flyfishing andteaching skills in four videos and through guest appearances on televisedflyfishing programs.

Dave’s experience and his devoted and objective outlook on the wholespectrum of flyfishing has earned him consulting assignments from 3\MScientific Anglers, Sage Rods and many other companies. He is in demand asa lecturer on flyfishing and conservation throughout the world and hasproduced many slideshows on the subject plus one movie, The Flyfisher’s Aquatic Insects for 3\M Scientific Anglers. Dave also conducts fly fishingschools yearly throughout the U.S. and abroad, and has just opened hisWhitlock FlyFishing School at his home in Arkansas.

Dave is a recipient of many awards including the Max Ander’s Wild TroutAward in 1976 for his work on propagation of wild trout and the FFF’sConservation Man of the Year Award in 1981. Dave also received the BuzBuzeck Flytyer’s Award which is the highest honor in the flyfishing world.It recognized his innovations in new flytying patterns and his nationalflytying activities.

In 1987 Dave was inducted into the National Fresh Water Hall of Fame. Thatyear he was also presented the FFF James A. Henshall Award for his work inwarm water fishing and conservation. He also received FFF’s AmbassadorAward for national and international promotion of flyfishing and conservation.

Dave Whitlock is a man totally devoted to the world of flyfishing andconservation both professionally and personally. Fly & Field is honored to have him as a partner in the development of this WWW site.