Cricket Nymph

Cricket Nymph
(Finished fly pictured below.)

  • Hook: Tiemco 5212
  • Thread: 6/0 brown
  • Eyes: Mono Eyes
  • Antennae: Black Rubber
  • Body: Tan Haretron
  • Tail: Fire orange Rubber
  • Legs: Pumkin spekle flake legs
  • Wingcase: Brown Raffine


  1. Dub at bend then tie in black rubber legs, black mono eyes, and orange rubber tag.
  2. Dub abdomen then tie in Raffine. Tie a knot with two strands of rubber flake legs then tie in one set on each side.
  3. Dub forward, tie in a strand of rubber and dub again. Fold the Raffine forward and tie off then fold it back and tie it off again.
  4. Tie in another strand of rubber flake for legs and dub to the eyes. Fold raffine over and trim.