Caddis Emerger

HOOK: Partridge GRS12ST #10 to #16
ABDOMEN:SLF Dubbing natural seal #48 or green #3. Split thread and insert pre-teased dubbing.
WING: Natural, ginger or yellow Raffine.
LEGS:Ginger hen neck or Partridge feather clipped on top.
HEAD:SLF Masterclass to match natural. Split thread method.
ANTENNAE: Wood duck or bronze mallard fibers (2).

1. Split thread (danville 6/0) insert dubbing and tie forward to the eye covering 2/3 of the hook shank.

2. Open a short piece of raffine (swiss straw) and trim 1/8 inch wide. Fold over body making sure it completely wraps body.

3. Tie in hen or partridge hackle tip first and wrap 2-3 turns. Clip top fibers leaving legs bellow.

4. Split thread insert dubbing and wind to the eye.

5. Tie in two duck fibers behind the eye with the tips of the fibers beyond the bend. Run fibers between thumb nail and index finger to give curve.