Americas Fascinations with Fishing, Fishing Rods and Reels

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife–Associated Recreation, the national economy received $45 billion in retail sales generated by 30 million anglers. The net result was a $125 billion economic impact and jobs for more than one million people. Fishing is a huge industry, and widely popular. the American public is fishing for information and the best gear.

American Sportfishing Association AnglerSurvey of U.S. fishing shows the top 5 fish species targets for February 2011. The top 5 freshwater species are Largemouth or spotted bass, Panfish, Trout, Perch and Walley. The top 5 saltwater species are Redfish, red drum, channel bass; spotted seatrout or weakfish; striped bass; Halibut and Sheephead. The survey also shows the retail percentage of sales was 7.2% for rods, 15.5% for reels, and 18.7% for combos.

According to the number of International Game Fish Association World Records in 2007:

Top 5 Fly Fishing Rods
1. Sage Fly Rods ( has produced 75 world record setting fly rod winners.
2. G Loomis ( has netted 24 world records.
3. Thomas & Thomas ( has 18 world record wins.
4. Orvis fly rods have won 14 world records.
5. Redington ( has won 7 world records.

Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Reels brands
1. Abel with 56 world records (
2. Tibor with 50 world record wins (
3. Orvis with 10 world record wins (
4. Ross with 10 world record wins (
5. Fin-Nor with 8 world record wins (

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