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If you know a quiet place...and if a river runs through it...grab your creel, because you are among the luckiest of the lucky. Fly fishing is a sport that supersedes the rest for beauty, peaceful pleasure and skill. Of course, if you fly fish once or a thousand times, you can't do it without the fly fishing lures. They're available in a variety of styles and you can buy them, order them online or make them yourself. But, it is certain, you'll want to be supplied with plenty for your next time in your waders.  A fly lure is basically an artificial fly, intended to trick the fish to believe it's one of many insects the fish eats off the surface or in the current.  It can also be intended to imitate any number of other prey the fish in question would eat. And there are as many varieties are there are varieties of fish species, such as dry, wet, emergers, streamers, bugs and the list goes on. These fly lures can be in one of two forms, either as an imitator or an attractor. The imitator-type of lure is constructed to appear as a specific insect the desired fish species seeks for food, while the attractor may have a flash or movement that stimulates aggression in the particular species.  The best fly fishing lure is often called a 'killer fly' because the skill in tying it creates such a lifelike insect imitation the fish go for it again and again...and the happy angler finds his creel filling fast. Fly lures are made by tying bits of fur, feathers, hair, or thread to a hook and wrapping it with thread tightly.  Many anglers make their own fly fishing lures from patterns they find in books or from their own design, developed through experience with hungry fish. There can be a great deal of satisfaction in not only catching the targeted fish, but knowing that it was that custom designed fly lure that got the fish to bite.

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